It does what it says on the tin

This will be a short post, why? Wavemaker does exactly what it says it does. I was able to create a basic app, then add a more complex interface, test locally then deploy locally to a micro cloudfoundry instance, then finally into the public one.

The URL is, and it just works. Use the tutorials to get up to speed then the screencasts / YouTube material. The db many to many screencast 3 is the basis of the skills matrix page you see. I’ve started working more streamlined pages based on the invoice app and crm app available from the tutorials.

Gotchas? Just don’t make the foreign keys and indexes too complicated, with more than one item making up an index it appeared to confuse the widgets for the database. Also if you alter your schema and reimport you don’t have to throw away those dojo grids and related editors dragged in from the database widgets palette – simply go to the live views that underpin and you can tick the added fields and they then appear.

Loads of questions from here though, like backup and recovery of hosted databases in cloudfoundry and building audit trails into the app, then scalability. Also how to create good test harnesses?

More to follow.


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