It just works

Wavemaker rocks. Not sure there’s any easier way to say it. Thought I’d throw a new challenge at it, and like all the previous posts, the thing just does what it says on the tin.

I have a VPS out there running a linux variant, on which I run some analysis code. That code write updates and results into a local MySQL database. That database is permissioned for localhost access only.

Fed up with various locations not letting me ssh into the box to check the content of the database, and figuring port 80 is available just about anywhere, the challenge was to describe the schema to Wavemaker and have it deploy to my linux box.

OK so it doesn’t deploy straight to the box, it deploys to tomcat, so a quick apt-get install tomcat6, followed by some tomcat user creation we have a target deployment location.

Guess what. It just works, pointed the application at the port the tomcat server was listening on, tweaked the database connection string to include the database name and 5 minutes later, it’s all working.

Only challenge remaining is the out-of-the-box widgets have a limit on the number of rows they show, need to explore a better way to scroll through the tables. One for the future.